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The Health YOUniverse, founded by Sergey Filonov, Medical Doctor specializing in the field of Medical Dry Fasting, Svetlana Colesnic, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Psychologist and Certified Yoga Teacher, and Elena Subbotina, Psychologist and Certified Yoga Teacher, provides services in the field of healing, health strengthening and disease prevention applying the original method of Doctor Sergey Filonov that has come to life as a result of his 40-year professional experience successfully helping thousands of his patients to regain and strengthen their health

Program Expert

63 years old

Svetlana Colesnic

50.000+ patients

Doctor Sergey Filonov

Program Expert

Practices dry fasting since 2019. Have done 7 and 11-day dry fasts. Practices 36-hour dry fasts regularly

Elena Subbotina

40 years of professional experience helping people to regain and maintain their health using his original method

Doctor Filonov has published several books about therapeutic dry fasting: “Myths and Reality about Therapeutic Dry Fasting”, “Self-Healing: detoxifying the body, fasting, ancient slavic methods”, “Therapeutic Dry Fasting: how to fast properly and comfortably”

Graduated from the State Medical Institute in Altai, Siberia, worked closely with Professor Nikolaev famous for using the method of medical fasting to heal his patients at his retreat centre at the Baikal lake

Clients from 50+ countries

“Observe Nature, learn from Her, take the best and bring it to perfection. Perfection has no limits.”

Doctor S.I. Filonov

About Health YOUniverse

Elena has learned about the method of dry fasting from Doctor Filonov and is keen on sharing Doctor Filonov's unique method of healing with the world

Studies and practices various body cleansing methods and techniques since 2014

Passionate about nutrition and is interested in the studies about the connection between nutrition and longevity, nutrition and microbiome, nutrition and neuroscience following the latest researches related to these topics

Considers Dry Fasting practice an outstanding instrument of health enhancement and well-being improvement on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Likes to share the fact that dry fasting is an efficient and easy method to maintain health, stay in shape and live a happy life!

Discovered the method of dry fasting in 2016. Did a 7-day dry fast under the supervision of Dr. Filonov and his team in Altai. Since then, she has become an advocate of this self-healing instrument. Practices dry fasting regularly

Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Psychologist. Have worked with many people from different cultural backgrounds assisting them to become healthier and live a balanced life.

Doctor Sergey Filonov
Svetlana Colesnic
Elena Subbotina

Psychologist practicing the innovative 'inner freedom' technique

Holds a Degree in Spiritual Psychology (MA) from the University of Santa Monica (USA)


“Health YOUniverse” is the only official company that represents
Doctor Filonov’s original method and is co-founded by Doctor Filonov.

Please note that, at this moment, Doctor Filonov has not authorized any other
specialist or practitioner to represent his unique healing method.
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