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Reset your Body, Mind & Life in 21 days with this Detox, Fasting and Self-Healing Program designed and led

You will learn how to easily get rid of stubborn excess pounds, toxins, heavy metals, balance your emotions, how to stay in shape and how to maintain your health by switching on your body's self-healing mechanism


to the NEW YOU!

Health YOUniverse Online Program
Purify, Heal & Rejuvenate Yourself

Detox, purify, rejuvenate and experience a transformation of your body and mind under the guidance of Dr. Filonov, Medical Doctor with 40-year professional experience in detoxification and healing, and his team of professional experts


Master self-healing instruments revealed by this unique program that includes fasting practices that fit your daily busy schedule and are easy to implement even for those who never tried detox or cleanse


by Sergey Filonov, Medical Doctor, dry fasting specialist and a pioneer of longevity biohacking techniques

Cleanse yourself on all levels, strengthen your health and boost your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Gain life energy!

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What you get

You will significantly improve your health and well-being and reboot your immune system as a result of detoxification and heavy metals removal

Easily give up your bad habits, including smoking, drinking alcohol, sugar addiction, tendency to overeat, and much more

Gain long-lasting emotional stability and even improve your body's flexibility due to the renewal of your body on the cellular level

Regain self-confidence that leads to positive changes in life

Rejuvenate your body on the physical and mental levels applying holistic approach offered by the program

As a pleasant reward, you will easily lose unwanted excess pounds, especially around your waist, and get in shape quickly

In addition, you will

Enable your body to get rid of toxins, heavy metals and chemical drugs residues, restart its operating system as a result of detoxification and purification processes

Going thought the program increases your inner strength and you develop awareness of your body and emotions, which helps you to make choices in favor of good habits

Get rid of toxins

Learn new habits

We offer solid tools that allow you to keep your body and mind in harmony

We shred light on your toxic habitual patterns, which opens an opportunity for you to look at your life from a different perspective. Fears go away. Peace and tranquility become your natural state

Master powerful tools

We help you to focus your attention not only on your physical condition but also on your mental and emotional state

Find balance

Change your life

Program Description

During this phase, you will receive instructions that will help you purchase everything you need during the program, get delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes, and mentally set yourself up for a comfortable and smooth start of your detox and transformation journey

Preparation phase

Day 1 - 2

Phase I

Pre-recorded meeting with Doctor Filonov who will introduce the program and discuss different fasting modalities such as water fasting, dry fasting, cascade fasting

Day 3 - 9

Pre-recorded meeting with Doctor Filonov who will talk about the importance of preparation for fasting, which includes proper diet, liver and intestines cleansing and detoxification

Day 6

Water fasting (optional 1 or 2 days)

Day 8-9

Liver and intestines cleansing

Day 7

Mild full body detoxification and visceral organs cleansing

Day 3 - 6

During this phase, you will start detoxifying your body, prepare yourself and go through liver and intestines cleansing, learn a lot of interesting and, probably, new things about what healthy fasting is, how to properly prepare for it and why in the modern world fasting is a very important tool for maintaining a healthy and quality lifestyle

You will experience the first results of detoxification on the physical, mental and psychological levels, meet like-minded people, and discover the new world of Old Slavic and other ancient practices and their role in a healthy fulfilling life

Fasting preparation: kidneys, liver and intestines detoxification and cleansing

Day 3
Phase II

The leading expert of this phase is Svetlana Colesnic, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Psychologist

Day 10 - 13

Further detoxification through special diet to comfortably prepare for easy fasting

During this phase, you will receive support and inspiration to get to know your body better, learn about its limitless potential, get acquainted with useful tips from the world of Ayurveda (ancient medicine) that will take your daily routine to a new level

You will get a series of meditations and other practices that will allow you to enter the next phase of the program with maximum awareness and readiness

You will receive several pre-recorded presentations about the transforming potential of a plant-based diet and the principles of a holistic lifestyle

During this phase, a detoxification meal plan will be suggested that will allow your body to restore after phase I and to optimally prepare for fasting


Day 10 - 13

Phase III

Day 14 - 21

Pre-recorded meeting with Doctor Filonov including the demonstration of visceral self-massage techniques and the guidance on breaking the fast

Day 16

Reviewing the program results and setting new goals

Day 21

Breaking the fast and guided
re-feeding following the protocol of Doctor Filonov

Day 17 - 20

1 to 3 days dry fast, breaking the fast and re-feeding

Dry fasting period of 1 to 3 days based on your desire and physical condition

Day 14 - 16

During this phase, you will try dry fasting and observe your body's response to this new practice, experience body's self-healing potential and see first results

You will get tips and information about the safe ways to gently cleanse your body every day. These new habits will be smoothly leading you to the body of your dreams

As a result of the program, you will master a comprehensive system of conscious self-healing and self-care practices that greatly impact your physical, mental and spiritual health, which results in balanced happy life

Important information:

The program can be modified in accordance with participant’s individual health condition

Pre-recorded meeting with Doctor Filonov who will introduce the main (fasting) phase III of the programme and will talk about the importance of meditation and relaxation during the fasting period

Day 14
We do not suggest to enroll in this program if you have:
  • Malignant neoplasms and haemoblastosis
  • Active tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs
  • Thyrotoxicosis and other endocrine diseases
  • Persistent disorders of cardiac rhythm and conduction
  • Purulent-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs and abdominal cavity
  • Circulatory insufficiency of II and III degree
  • Active acute and chronic hepatitis, as well as cirrhosis of the liver
  • Thrombophlebitis and thrombosis
  • Period of pregnancy and lactation
  • Early childhood (up to 14 years) and old age (over 70 years)
  • Patient's inability to care for himself/herself
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Daily instructions, video and audio materials, including pre-recorded lectures of Doctor Filonov
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The costs may be Tax deductible
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Weekly meetings with Doctor Filonov for Q&A

Access to all materials is available for 6 MONTHS from the start of the program

The costs may be Tax deductible
*all programs are non-refundable

Access to all materials is available for 6 MONTHS from purchase

Personal guidance is provided by Doctor Filonov for the duration of the program (21 days)

Private consultations with Doctor Filonov

The costs may be Tax deductible
If cancelled - 50% is refundable
349 $
Duration: 21 days
On demand
Duration: 21 days
Next dates 8 - 28 Jan 24
Daily video conferences for Q&A

Daily instructions, video and audio materials, including pre-recorded lectures of Doctor Filonov
Duration: 21 days
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Daily instructions, video and audio materials, including pre-recorded lectures of Doctor Filonov
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